What is roll forming

Clock Spring
When looking for effective ways to save production costs, roll forming should be among your first choices. What is roll forming? Roll forming is an efficient production method that facilitates the continuous bending of flat metal into a uniform finish profile. The roll forming process involves the uncoiling of a strip of metal and running it through a series of rollers. Each stack of rollers is responsible for forming the metal strip so that by the end of the run the strip takes on a spe... Read More

What is a belleville washer

Belleville Washers
When the need arises to keep bolted connections tight, a reliable compression device like the Belleville washer is a must. What is a Belleville Washer? A Belleville washer is a disc spring of conical shape. Its unique design and structure give the washer the characteristics and functionality of a spring. These disc springs are used across a variety of industries because they exert a uniform pressure that remains consistent. Where tension is lost due to thermal expansion or contraction, wear an... Read More