Small tension springs

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Small tension springs are relatively easy and economical to manufacture, but they are also particularly reliable when it comes to the role they play.

What is a small tension spring?

These springs are tightly wound in coils, and as their name suggests, are manufactured to function by producing tension.

As a load pressures the small tension spring, it will stretch to a specific length in response. When the spring is not under any pressure or has no force exerted on it, the coils touch.

A simple example of small tension springs at work is a trampoline. Trampolines use a series of tension springs around its perimeter to counterbalance the force of a person jumping on it and then returns the same force as the springs go back to their original form.

Diminutive in size, critical in function

Stainless steel tension springs may be small in size, but they can take on significant roles, especially when it comes to industrial systems.

The breakdown of these small parts can have dire consequences for productivity, causing downtime. It is imperative to invest in quality springs as it will save you on costs in the long run.

How they work

Unlike compression springs, the load that acts on the spring causes the springs to stretch rather than compress. Small tension springs function much like a rubber band, operating on the same principles and are used to maintain the shape and structural integrity of various materials as demonstrated by the trampoline example.

The lifespan of the springs is dependent on the conditions and strain they regularly undergo. Thus, it is imperative that your chosen supplier has a thorough understanding of the environment in which the springs are applied.

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