What is a belleville washer

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When the need arises to keep bolted connections tight, a reliable compression device like the Belleville washer is a must.

What is a Belleville Washer?

A Belleville washer is a disc spring of conical shape. Its unique design and structure give the washer the characteristics and functionality of a spring. These disc springs are used across a variety of industries because they exert a uniform pressure that remains consistent. Where tension is lost due to thermal expansion or contraction, wear and tear of parts or compression, these devices can be particularly useful.


A Belleware Washer serves many functions such as:

Electrical Connections

  • Bolted applications with heat expansion

Pipeline Supplies

  • Flange connections
  • Hangars
  • Supports
  • Lamps


  • Pre-assembled systems
  • Inventory management

Machinery Components

  • Spindles
  • Brakes
  • Clamps
  • Latches

Vibration Isolation

  • High-speed press
  • Bolted assemblies

Factors to consider when choosing your washer

When choosing your washer, there are specific parameters you need to take into consideration including Belleville washer torque, diameter, and finish.

  • Torque – Torque is the force that is required to flatten the washer to ensure optimum clamping. Ideally, the torque of your washer should match your bolts to achieve a tight connection without compromising the washer.
  • Diameter – The diameter of your Belleville washer is vital to its performance. It needs to be suited to the specific application to generate enough clamping force for a reliable connection. If it is too big, you will have less power than is required.
  • Finish – Many washers provide the option of a standard finish, however, in cases where there will be fumes or solvents in the work environment, the manufacturer’s product applications engineer should be consulted to avoid compromising the connection.

At Boynes Springs, we have a comprehensive range of Belleville washers to suit your specific requirements.

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