What is roll forming

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When looking for effective ways to save production costs, roll forming should be among your first choices.

What is roll forming?

Roll forming is an efficient production method that facilitates the continuous bending of flat metal into a uniform finish profile.

The forming process involves the uncoiling of a strip of metal and running it through a series of rollers.

Each stack of rollers is responsible for forming the metal strip so that by the end of the run the strip takes on a specific cross-sectional shape.

This process is carried out at room temperature and facilitates the addition of other small details such as holes, notches, and embossments.

Advantages of roll forming

  • Widely accepted to be a high-efficiency production process that helps to reduce the costs incurred on material conversion, Forming offers several such as:
  • Capacity for high-volume production
  • Precision processing that facilitates impressive uniformity and unrivaled finishes
  • Flexible and responsive production processing that can accommodate different types of metals with varied coatings and dimensions
  • Capacity to process more durable metals without compromising quality
  • Processing produces stronger and lighter structural components with less material

Examples of some of the forming products that can be manufactured using this economical process include:

  • Roll formed angles
  • U-channels
  • C-channels
  • Mouldings

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