4 things you need to know when custom-designing a spring

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Need a spring designed from scratch? We’re here to help!

But – before we get started – there are a few key things we’ll need to consider. In order for your Boynes Springs consultant to accurately quote your spring, we’ve got to understand what it will be used for and how it will be expected to perform. 

Once we’ve got that part sorted, we can get to work custom-building the perfect spring for your unique needs!

So, without further ado, here are four things you need to know when custom-designing a spring:

  1. What type of spring you need
    Clock springs, die springs, tension springs and torsion springs – not to mention compression springs! There are so many different types of springs available, and the first thing we need to know is which one you need to use. Some springs move components together, some springs allow components to move apart. If you don’t yet know what type of spring you need, you can check out some of our past blogs here!
  2. What size spring you need
    Next, you need to determine how much space your spring will have to work in. Once we know what you’re working with, we can design a spring calculated to the correct outer diameter, inner diameter, free length and solid height you need.
  3. How much weight will your spring bear
    What is the maximum load your spring will need to bear? If you’re replacing a spring on a mechanical garage door, for example, that weight would be roughly the weight of the garage door itself. If you can pinpoint the stress your spring must bear, we can design a spring that will meet the maximum.
  4. Whether your spring will be in extreme conditions
    Is your spring going to be outside in freezing conditions? Or directly exposed to the harsh Australian sun? Will it be regularly washed with sea water? Positioned near corrosive chemicals? Or will it form part of the furniture in your house? All of these environmental considerations help us determine what material to build your spring from. At Boynes Springs, we have a huge range of exotic metals available – from titanium to nickel to stainless steel and thensome!

We can make almost any spring in any size – just try us!

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