4 things you need to know when custom-designing a spring

boynes springs
Need a spring designed from scratch? We’re here to help! But - before we get started - there are a few key things we’ll need to consider. In order for your Boynes Springs consultant to accurately quote your spring, we’ve got to understand what it will be used for and how it will be expected to perform.  Once we’ve got that part sorted, we can get to work custom-building the perfect spring for your unique needs! So, without further ado, here are four things you need to know wh... Read More

Extension Springs vs. Torsion Springs

tension and torsion springs
Clock springs, torsion springs, compression springs, extension springs - you may be surprised about how many different types of springs there really are. And whether you are looking to fix a garage door or design a retractable chair, there isn’t a universal spring that will fit each and every application.  As part of our blog series into the major spring models and the differences between them, we will be taking a look at the difference between extension and torsion springs.  What are ... Read More

Compression Springs vs. Tension Springs

Draw-Bar Springs
Springs have so many varieties and so many purposes. When you need to purchase spring steel or stainless steel springs, it can be difficult to determine just which type you want! As an Australian spring supplier and manufacturer, Boynes can answer those tough questions for you. In this blog series, we will be diving into some of the major spring models and unpacking what they are used for and what the key differences are between them. This week, we begin with compression springs and tensio... Read More

Heavy duty springs

Heavy duty springs
What are heavy duty springs? Used across a variety of industries, heavy duty springs are applied for use in agricultural equipment, construction, and industrial equipment as well as oil field equipment. As their name suggests, heavy duty springs are compression, extension, or torsion springs that are designed specifically to handle heavy loads or to work with a significant amount of force. Heavy duty compression springs Heavy duty compression springs are implemented in applications where sub... Read More

Small tension springs

Tension Springs Perth
Small tension springs are relatively easy and economical to manufacture, but they are also particularly reliable when it comes to the role they play. What is a small tension spring? These springs are tightly wound in coils, and as their name suggests, are manufactured to function by producing tension. As a load pressures the small tension spring, it will stretch to a specific length in response. When the spring is not under any pressure or has no force exerted on it, the coils touch. A... Read More
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