Compression Springs

Australian Compression Spring Manufacturers

Compression springs are a common type of spring that functions as a compressive force resistor. These springs are used in a wide range of applications, including industrial, commercial, and domestic equipment.

As a leading Australian compression spring manufacturer, our experienced team at Boynes Springs can help you navigate the vast variety of springs and determine the type you need, whether it’s spring steel or stainless steel springs.


What are Compression Springs & Where Would I Find One?

Compression springs are made from various grades of spring steel wire and are designed to be ‘at rest’ when they’re in a fully extended position. They shorten in length when they are – you guessed it – compressed! The best way to think of a compression spring is as the clicking top of a ballpoint pen. This is the most common type of spring and can be found in a range of everyday objects, including:

  • Clocks
  • Door locks
  • Mattresses
  • Watches
  • Mobile phones
  • Pogo sticks
  • Railways
  • Cars

We manufacture compression springs mostly using range 2 steel spring wire to the Australian standard 1472.


Australias Leading Custom Compression Spring Manufacturers

At Boynes Springs, we manufacture compression springs an extensive range of customised springs, and we carry a select stock of Tilta-door and trampoline springs. One of the leading manufacturers of industrial, coil and leaf springs in Western Australia, we are equipped to produce your order in small or large volumes and can also deliver Australia-wide.

We are recognised for our semi-automated and automated coiling capabilities, and our manufacturing of quality springs. Using advanced technology at our fully equipped workshop, we produce springs that are recognised throughout the industrial and commercial sectors for their quality. Using premium-grade materials, all our products are robust and corrosion resistant thanks to our superior finishing.

We carry Range 2 in black and galvanised spring steel. We also carry a large range of sizes in ASTM A313 stainless 302/304 and 316; each of which is available in various finishes.

Precision designed mechanical components, springs are intended to rotate, extend, compress, slide and bounce back when under pressure. The correct design and production means that your springs will retain their shape for years under sufficient force.

Once you’ve decided you need a compression spring manufacturer, we can assist. Our team has extensive industry knowledge, and will guide you through the application and production process. For us to produce precision-engineered springs for you, we require the following:

  • A sample is always best
  • Detailed specification drawings
  • Wire size and type – inside and outside diameter
  • Total coil count and the length of the spring
  • Other measurements may be required, which one of our sales staff will request

Industrial springs

Industrial springs is an umbrella term for a variety of compression, tension or torsion springs that are designed and manufactured to effectively handle large loads, or generate torque and rotational forces in heavy-duty environments. If your company requires the production of extension, constant force, heavy-duty and conical springs for industrial purposes, contact us.

Compression springs

Known as a helical spring, compression springs are normally placed over a rod, such as inside a ballpoint pen or to fit into a hole to prevent it from buckling. It is recognised for its force resistance under heavy, axially applied, pressure. An energy-absorbing product that requires precise manufacturing and testing. Our production team measure all elements of this design, testing it for tolerance, slenderness, ratio and force deflection.

Torsion springs

The elastic spring of the coil world, torsion springs are designed to twist and retain its energy until released. Much like a spring found in a rat trap, the release force is proportional to the amount it’s twisted.

We manufacture these cylindrical wire springs from round – and in a few cases – rectangular wire, which can be produced in any shape or size, dependent on your needs. When placing your order, please specify whether you require a left hand or right hand winding spring.

Made under extreme pressure conditions, springs can be tested to determine their spring rate or torque. Based on this information we are able to determine the effectiveness and durability of the product you ordered.

Breakdown service & testing

A broken spring can cause unwanted, costly downtime. Boynes Springs offer a convenient testing and emergency breakdown spring-replacement service to get you up and running again, fast.

Contact us today for a free quote. We can produce an extensive range of customised springs based on your specifications and volumes.

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