Wire Forms

Manufacturers of spring steel, clips and wire ring wire forms

Boynes Springs manufacture wire forms for commercial and industrial clients across Australia. We have a fully equipped workshop fitted with technologically advanced machinery where we can shape your wire form into any shape and size you need.

Our customised springs and wire forms can suit your heavy-duty and lightweight requirements. This particular product does not fall into a specific spring category as not all wire forms have spring capabilities. If you require a completely unique wire form, our team of spring experts will walk and guide you from concept through to production.

Spring steel

Spring steel is an umbrella term for various steels that are used to make wire forms and springs for industrial applications. We carry most wire sizes in AS1472 range 2 black, and range 2 galvanised spring steel. We also carry a large range of sizes in ASTM A313 stainless 302/304 and 316 in the spring hard condition.

Spring clips

We can produce spring clips in spring steel, and in various thicknesses and sizes. The design and material variations dictate the strength of the product. So, if you plan on using this kind of wire forms in construction, textile or simple office stationery, please advise our team to ensure the right materials and dimensions are used and implemented.

Wire rings

A highly resilient product that is largely made from stainless steel or spring steel, wire rings are a common site on climbing gear, school bags, keyrings and so many more products. We can manufacture an extensive range of different wire rings, hose clamps, metal O-rings, circlips and more. As a recognised manufacturer and supplier, we use quality raw materials to ensure robust and capable products.

Contact us today for an obligation-free quote. We look forward to manufacturing your wire forms in a large of small volumes.