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Spring manufacturer Perth

Manufacturers of industrial, leaf and coil springs

Boynes Springs is an established spring manufacturer in Perth. We specialise in customised springs and wire form products for all types of applications. Our springs are quality assured, and produced to the highest Australian Standards, at competitive prices.

We manufacture all types of compression, tension and torsion springs, split rings, wire forms and Belleville washers, from single prototypes to larger quantities. From industrial springs to leaf and coil springs, we can assist. For us to provide an accurate quote on manufacturing of springs, we suggest that you provide us with the following:

  • Sample
  • Detailed drawing
  • Wire size and type
  • Inside and outside spring diameter

We supply and stock spring steel, spring hard stainless steel wire, and flat spring steel material. Using the finest grade steel, we produce premium products, designed and manufactured at our technologically advanced facility.

Our Products:

Industrial springs

You can select or request production on a number of different industrial springs, each of which are helical springs designed for specific applications. You can order customised compression, torsion and extension springs, as well as wire forms to suit your exact requirements.

Our fully equipped facility features advanced technology that allows us to the measure and manufacture industrial springs according to tolerance specification, deflection, pressure maintenance and ratio.

Leaf springs

Commonly used in small electronic equipment and parts. We produce the leafs out of 0.2mm to 3mm think material to effectively flex under extreme pressure, using top-grade spring steel which allows them to bounce back without the threat of snapping.

Coil springs

A helical spring that is designed in a spiral form, and available various strengths. Used to absorb shock and support the weight of cars as they navigate rough terrains. Designed to compress and release at specific weights and times, coil springs are commonly used for safe vehicle handling and comfort.

If you’re looking for spring makers in Perth, who provide durable and reliable products that are created to withstand pressure under extreme circumstances. Contact us for a free quote today.