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In today’s manufacturing landscape, tension springs play a pivotal role in various mechanisms, offering crucial support and functionality across diverse applications. In this blog, we look into the fundamentals of tension springs, the different types, common applications, custom solutions, manufacturing processes at Boynes Springs, and future trends in tension spring design.


So, What is a Tension Spring?

Tension springs are mechanical devices designed to store energy and exert a pulling force when stretched or extended. Fundamentally, they operate based on the principles of potential and kinetic energy, converting mechanical energy into motion. When subjected to a load, tension springs absorb energy, storing it within the spring coils and releasing it when the load is removed.


What are the Different Types of Tension Springs?

Tension springs come in various forms to suit different applications. Common types include:

  • Extension Springs: These are the most common type of tension springs, typically made from round wire and featuring hooks or loops at the ends for attachment. They extend under a pulling force and store energy.
  • Drawbar Springs: Also known as “tension springs” or “tension coil springs,” these are tightly wound coils designed to operate with a pulling force. They often have an extended loop or hook at each end for attachment.
  • Constant Force Springs: These springs provide a constant force throughout their deflection range, which can be useful in applications such as counterbalances or retractable cords.
  • Hair Springs: Also known as “clock springs” or “flat springs,” hair springs are thin, flat springs that can be tensioned to store energy and are commonly used in watches and timing devices.
  • Belleville Springs: Though often used as disc springs for compression applications, Belleville springs can also be used in tension, providing a high load over a short deflection range.
  • Torsion Springs: While primarily used for rotational motion, torsion springs can also be used in a tension configuration. They store and release angular energy or apply a rotational force.


Common Applications of Tension Springs

Tension springs find extensive use in both everyday items and industrial machinery. They contribute to the smooth functioning of automotive suspensions, ensuring stability and shock absorption during vehicle operation. In electronic devices, tension springs facilitate precise movement and connectivity, while in farm machinery, they assist in equipment operation and safety mechanisms.


Tension Springs in Custom Solutions

The versatility of tension springs extends to custom applications, where they serve specialised functions tailored to specific requirements. Case studies highlight instances where custom tension springs have provided innovative solutions, showcasing the adaptability and ingenuity of this essential component in diverse industries. Whatever the specification of the tension spring you require, provide the relevant drawings to Boynes Springs and we can manufacture the spring you require.


The Manufacturing Process of Tension Springs at Boynes Springs

Boynes Springs excels in the manufacturing of high-quality tension springs, employing advanced technology and stringent quality assurance measures throughout the production process. From initial design and material selection to precision manufacturing and testing, Boynes Springs prioritises excellence and reliability in every tension spring produced.


Innovations and Future Trends in Tension Spring Design

As technology advances, tension spring design continues to evolve, with innovations aimed at enhancing performance, durability, and efficiency. Recent advancements include the integration of smart materials, precision engineering techniques, and sustainable manufacturing practices, paving the way for future developments in tension spring technology.


Boynes Springs is a leading manufacturer of Tension Springs in Australia

Tension springs are indispensable components in various mechanical systems, providing essential support and functionality across industries. Boynes Springs’ commitment to excellence and innovation underscores the significance of tension springs in modern manufacturing, driving advancements and solutions that shape the future of tension spring design and application. As industries evolve, tension springs remain integral to enhancing performance, reliability, and safety in countless applications, ensuring smooth and efficient operation in a dynamic and interconnected world.

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