Heavy duty springs

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What are heavy duty springs?

Used across a variety of industries, heavy duty springs are applied for use in agricultural equipment, construction, and industrial equipment as well as oil field equipment. As their name suggests, heavy duty springs are compression, extension, or torsion springs that are designed specifically to handle heavy loads or to work with a significant amount of force. Designed to withstand high stress, these springs are built from robust materials like stainless steel or alloy steel to ensure durability and reliability under extreme conditions. They are used in applications such as automotive suspension systems, construction equipment, and heavy machinery. Their resistance to physical deformation and exceptional load-bearing capacity make them perfect for these demanding environments.


Types of Heavy Duty Springs


Compression springs

Compression springs are implemented in applications where substantial force needs to be exerted on the spring. A good example of this is construction.


Extension springs

Extension springs are used when a device requires a tremendous load to be pulled using the spring. A common example of this use is heavy trucks.


Torsion springs

Torsion springs are manufactured to produce a considerable amount of torque when a torque load is placed. These springs can be tailored to manage the amount of torque required for a specific application.


Important features of heavy duty springs

When selecting these springs make sure to consult an expert who has extensive knowledge – being knowledgeable in both the spring and its application.

Essential features include:

  • Proven tensile strength
  • Significant durability
  • Application precise dimensions
  • A smooth finish


Boynes Springs has an extensive range of these springs, which are truly the silent workhorses in numerous mechanical applications spanning diverse industries. Our team of professionals has in-depth product knowledge on each model and is on hand to assist you with your specific requirements. Contact us today for all your needs.